Where moments of sharing become unforgettable memories

Refreshing break

Penisola is the perfect place to take a refreshing break in the Costa Smeralda. 

Good Vibes

Moments and Memories

Penisola is about good vibes to be enjoyed together to recharge in an elegant environment and give people a magical place to drink and eat well, especially to share unique moments that become unforgettable memories. 

Iconic place

Refreshing break

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di creare un luogo iconico dove fermarsi a prendere una pausa rigenerante. Penisola nasce come concetto di rinnovo e crescita,  dove i momenti di condivisione diventano indelebili ricordi. 


I Menù

What our menu wants to convey is the deepest Italian culinary tradition contaminated by some of the most delicious and delicious ingredients found around the world, to surprise you without disappointing you! 


Lunch / Dinner

Pasta is in our DNA, an indispensable and recognizable Italian symbol. From Penisola we wanted to honor the land that hosts us, paying homage to Sardinian cuisine by offering the classics such as culurgiones, seadas and fregola! 

Penisola - Aperitivo - Cena - Costa Smeralda

Wine / Drinks

Indulge in our tempting cocktail offerings or treat yourself to a fine glass from our curated selection of bottles. There's nothing better to accompany you during these chilling moments.

Our goal is to create new iconic and green places to stop and take a refreshing break. Penisola was born as a concept of renewal and growth, where aperitif and dinner merge, where moments of sharing become unforgettable memories. 


Info and reservations


Chiuso il Martedì

Aperto dalle 12.30 alle 15 e dalle 19.30 alle 23.00
Strada panoramica Portisco, 07021 Porto Cervo SS

+39 327 2888932     info@penisolarestaurant.com